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Cidre Brut ou Demi -Sec





Cidre Bouché BRUT or DEMI-SEC

Brut : residual sugars content is less than 28g/liter

Demi-Sec : residual sugars content is between 28 and 47g/liter



Between 4 % and 5.5% vol.


Our Cidre Bouché is made in the respect of traditional process making methods :

first the apple are picked up to the right maturation manually or mechanically / washed / crushed / the pulp is put into a vat open air to give the juice its colour and to release its aroma / the pulp is then pressed within an average productivity of 650 most liters per ton of apples (productivity limited to 750 liters) / natural clarification of the most / slow alcoholic fermentation (1 to 3 months) / natural froth creation in the bottle (minimum 3 months).Non pasteurized cider, natural fermentation in the bottle.