37, cours Xavier Arnozan
33000 Bordeaux – France
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Château LABAT



Designation cru bougeois
Vineyard Size 10 hectares (27 acres)
Soil type iron rich sandstone, with a light clayey substrate .
Vine varieties 50% cabernet sauvignon and 50% merlot.
Planting density 10.000 vines per hectare.
Average vine age 20 years.
Vine growing conditions -
Pruning method -
Grape harvesting -
Vinification he grapes are destalked, then slightly crushed and sent into stainless steel fermentation vats which are thermo-regulated. fermentation is lead at the temperature of 28/30° celsius with light “over the top” pumping for a soft extraction of the skins. The maceration can last three weeks. The ageieng of 12 months is made exclusively in french barrels of 225 L., of which 15% are renewned each year. The wine is fined with eggwhites and finally bottled at the vineyard 20 months after the harvest.
Maturing -