37, cours Xavier Arnozan
33000 Bordeaux – France
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Lucien Foucauld & C° nowadays In 1977, Lucien Foucauld & C° joigned For over 160 years, the distinctive and constant quality of FOUCAULD Cognacs has built up the brand’s reputation. Lucien Foucauld & C° joined C.D.G. Group for a better export management and development. Exported at least in 40 countries, Lucien Foucauld & C° has kept its dynamism and creative approach for new blendings in respect of its own history.  
Appearance Beautiful old gold colour.
Head Fruity with dried fruits aromas (apricot and peach).
Heart Woody aromas thanks to the ageing in small oak barrels.
Background Long aromatic persistency with liquorice aromas.