37, cours Xavier Arnozan
33000 Bordeaux – France
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Domaine des Grands Chemins



Vineyard Size Appellation vineyard area: 1,411 hectares (almost 3,500 acres) in production.
Soil type In the Northern part, the soils are formed by the granitic slopes that run on from those of Hermitage. To the South, soils are alluvial, stemming from glacier and river beds, with benches made up of rolled stones and silt from the Rhône river.
Vine varieties 100% Syrah.
Planting density -
Average vine age -
Vine growing conditions -
Pruning method -
Grape harvesting -
Vinification Grapes are hand-picked, plot by plot, at maximum levels of ripeness. Wine making is quite traditional, with fermentation in open concrete tanks, following a cold-soaking. Daily cappunching and pumping over provides extraction. The maceration phase lasts for between 10 and 12 days.
Maturing Maturing is conducted over a 14 month period, partly in tanks and partly in small burgundian barrels that have already held one or two wines. Regular rackings introduce
the necessary quantity of oxygen to round out the tannins.