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Labiette Castille – Vintage



Crafting the armagnacs

The blends of Labiette Castille are exclusively made from the single-estate vineyards. They are entirely composed of the four traditional grape varieties: Ugni Blanc (Trebbiano), Baco 22A, Colombard and Folle Blanche.

After being harvested and vinified separately, the wine proceeding from each grape variety is being distilled separately. Labiette Castille armagnacs all result from the single-distillation made in the traditional Alambic column still. This guarantees that most of the complex flavours and aromatic components are kept after the distillation.

The ageing of the brandies is made grape variety by grape variety and vintage by vintage, only in cask made of Gascony oak. This high quality oak contributes to integrating the tannins of the brandies while revealing through the years a wonderful range of aromas and flavours. Ageing so many different single casks enables the Cellar Master to compose its final blend by using a wide choice of brandies, each of them contributing to the highest quality of the armagnac. Each Labiette Castille blend (Signature VS, VSOP, XO…) shows a much superior age than what is required by the armagnac regulatory council. These armagnacs have a generous character and are well-known for their aromatic strength and roundness combined with a great fineness.

Labiette Castille Vintage

A Labiette Castille Vintage is the result of blending brandies all coming from the same year: grapes harvested, vinified the same year and then wines distilled during the same year written on the label. All those brandies have then been ageing in French oak casks from Gascony until the bottling month and year indicated on the back label.