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Louis MOREAU – Chablis

Designation Chablis
Vineyard Size 24 hectares (52.08 acres)
Soil type Most of the parcels are planted on a sandy & clay soil
Vine varieties  -
Planting density  -
Average vine age  -
Vine growing conditions  -
Pruning method  -
Grape harvesting  Methods: We start harvesting the Chablis parcels lo-cated in Chablis, the parcels in the village of Beines needing a few more days to be ready to be picked.
Vinification Once the juices are in stainless still tanks, they first go through 100% alcoholic fermentation activated with natural yeast during 15-18 days at low temperature (18°C) then through 100% malolactic fer-mentation thanks to natural bacteria at 20°C for a few months.
Maturing  -
Ageing  After a racking manipulation to take out the big-gest lies, the wine ages in tank on fine lies for at least 4 months while we practice a pumping over every week. Then it is fined before a cold filtration and bottling. This last part is done tank by tank, as soon as the bottles are sold, the rest of the wine remain-ing in tank. For Chablis, first bottling occurs in July and the vintage can stay in tank 10 months between the first and the last bottling.