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Whisky Longchamp 8 years old



Our range of LONGCHAMP Whiskies is traditionally made in the country of origin. Based with cereals, added with yeast and water only. It’s a triumph of know-how, paired with modern facilities. Each step of the process is carefully elaborated down to our cellars in Sireuil, in Charente.
Our Blended Whiskies LONGCHAMP reflect the desire of our Maison DISTILLERIE DES MOISANS to present high quality products with the same high standards we have for our own cognacs.
Fine and sharp selection of the different whiskies making up the final blend.
Exclusively aged in oak barrels.
Finished several months in old Cognac barrels.
Owned by the BRU-LEGARETE family for four generations


Our most recent creation will delight fine Whisky connoisseurs related to its intensity. Its
nose is floral and slightly smoked. Confirmed by a woody perfumes mouth feel. The finish
is long and delicate to reveal barley notes, sweet and finely smoked. To pair with smoked
salmon from Scotland!


Age 8 years
Capacity 70 cl
Alcohol Volume 40% Vol.